Please consider donating to Syrian refugees and on the ground heroes!

Please consider donating to Syrian refugees and on the ground heroes!

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I know you guys come here for cosplay and fun, lighthearted content. But this will not be one of those posts, and I apologize in advance to those who were not expecting to see something unpleasant on their cosplay feed today.

We live in a world where millions of people are suffering daily, and today, I will acknowledge that awful truth.

I realized that, often, the reason I refrain from posting about politics, world news and tragedies is because whenever I do make a post, there is always conflict. Unpleasantness. Judgement. Either toward the cause, the people affected, or us bystanders and fellow commenters. Criticism for not doing enough. For not supporting the right cause. For supporting one cause, but not another. For not supporting a cause in the right way. Often, I am so busy with my work and deadlines, that the thought of the unpleasantness is enough to stop me from making a post that's not directly related to cosplay, or my own life.

In the past few weeks, I realized how selfish that is. How cowardice that is. Millions of people are facing untold, unfathomable horrors, while most of us are enjoying a warm bed to sleep in, an abundance of food, as well as Entertainment at our fingertips. While others are facing hunger, pain and death on a daily basis, I am too scared to even acknowledge their situation, for fear of some unhappiness on my Social Media. When I write this out, it looks and sounds ludicrous.
After all, Social Media is a tool created for connecting people all over the world. It should be a tool used to share information, inspire, motivate, and strengthen each other, no matter where we live, what we do, or who we are.
Since visiting Thailand and Cambodia, and seeing first hand the 3rd world, poor conditions many people live in, I have been in a very thoughtful phase. Being home for a couple of months has given me the chance to slow down, reflect on my life, and be immensely grateful for everything in it. It also led me to rethinking how I should use the Social Media platform to connect with the rest of the world. I want to continue sharing my passion for creativity and costume making, but I also want to speak out more. About the things that matter to me. The people who touch me. The happenings around this planet that I find important.

So, this post is my way to let you know that from here on, once per month, I will make a donation to a charitable cause that I believe in, and share it with you, in the hopes that it will inspire you to read up on the cause, and maybe donate to it as well. I think, by making it a monthly post, it will not interfere too much with my regular posts, and it will hopefully be something that some of you will look forward to.

Today, I have donated to 4 organizations to help their efforts in saving people in the Syrian war.

Doctors Without Borders, who are providing medical assistance to people in Syria. Medical Centers are the first targets for bombings, and these health care professionals are not only donating their time and expertise, but also risking their lives. I have signed up for a monthly donation, but you can also donate any amount one-time.

UNHCR - The United Nations Refugee Agency, who are providing refugees with live-saving necessities such as water, food and tents. 

Save the Children, who are focused on caring for the children of Syria, some of whom were born after the war began, and have only known a life inside a war zone. 

The White Helmets, who are a group of unarmed volunteer rescue workers on the ground in Syria. They are the ones who rush in after a bombing to save the injured, so a donation to them is first hand help to the victims of war.

These donations are tax-deductible, by the way.

Whether you can afford to donate $1 or $1000, please know that any little bit helps. Your gesture of donating is powerful in itself, because you are adding your voice to the support of the victims. What we need to remember is that it's NOT ABOUT US. It's about helping people who are caught up in a horrible situation and unable to escape it. And before you think about how many other problems are in this world, and why you should choose this cause to support, but not all these others, remember that this is NOT ABOUT YOU, or your feelings. It's about people who can't afford to have any feelings, because their actual lives are in danger.

You can't let your own guilt of not being able to save the whole world stop you from helping someone. 

So, whether it's the Syrian war, or another cause, domestic or international, I hope that after you read my post, you will feel inspired to help someone today. Even if you can not make a donation, please consider sharing this post. Or write your own post about something that you care about.

Let's use Social Media to strengthen each other today.

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